International Conference was held on
                           December 15th & 16th 2017                           

" Social Media: The Changing Communication Environment "

XCOMM Conference 2017-slideshow


Xavier School of Communications, Xavier University will organize the third International Conference on December 15 & 16, 2017. The conference team invites scholarly and original  research papers that relate to the theme of “Social Media: The changing communication environment.” We invite both quantitative and qualitative research papers from interdisciplinary sectors which would expand the understanding of current and future trends in Social media.

Concept Note for International Conference                                       

Connectivity is a word that is used often to connote social media and every human person wants to be connected today. Social media apps connect people and instant communication takes place. So social media have become an evolving phenomenon. This networked forms of media connected to internet has enchanted human achievements as well as contested extensive issues with its changing landscape of communication. It has also demonstrated new patterns in everyday life, social behavior, and certain relationship between economics and forms of media culture. Nevertheless, social media practice has called researchers and professionals to channel its disciplinary backgrounds in visual culture, media theory, philosophy, media production, political economy and sociology. It has also showed extensive visibility of capitalistic potential exercise. Social media has proved its affordance, increased visibility and persistence of content as its strength as well as the potential challenge with open platform of online communication. Social media has also been used extensively by political parties all over the world and social media marketing has become a buzzword in advertising industry.

This international media conference is a premier forum for media practitioners, scholars and educators to present their research findings and make practical application in the field of media. The conference aims to bring together leading researchers, academicians, research scholars, media professionals, policy makers, and NGOs in their domain of interest around the world.


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